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Naboisho Camp

There are nine spacious tents at Naboisho Camp. And because it’s based in a private conservancy adjacent to the Masai Mara National Reserve, Naboisho is one of the best camps for your safari in the Mara, known for its amazing guiding. A safari here goes beyond the usual game drives. Explore the Mara on foot, keep your eyes peeled on a night drive or spend an unforgettable night camping in the bush for a real safari adventure. With 266 species of birds to spot, there are also ample birdwatching opportunities.

The camp is also home to one of our photographic safari vehicles, which has space for three photographers and one other guest. Capture eye-level images of the Mara’s photogenic lions and cheetahs and move around easily with 360° swivel seats and beanbags and foam camera rests to help the keen photographer take steady low-light shots.